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Holiday Calculator

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What is it?

  • Software specially designed for any business where employees work irregular hours and shifts, where a set contract with set hours and holidays may be impractical.
  • Calculates holiday entitlement from the weekly hours and number of days worked.
  • Calculates the average number of hours worked per day for holiday pay.
  • Complies with European legislation.

What will it do?

  • Saves time by removing tiresome manual calculations.
  • Removes conflict with employees as holiday entitlement is transparent.
  • Produces a monthly holiday report.
  • Complies with working time regulations.

Do I get Training?

  • Training is available to suit your needs.
  • Training can be provided on a one to one basis.
  • Telephone support is available.

How much does the Holiday Calculator software cost?

  • Single site licence £109 plus VAT.
  • Multi site licence £249 plus VAT.


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